Staying Alive After 35


"Staying Alive After 35" by Tony McClelland.


This is a non-fiction book published a few years ago by my friend Tony McClelland.

Tony is a medical specialist, and is probably the most astute and knowledgeable general physician I know.

He is an avid and wide reader of the medical literature. In this book he has synthesised, for the general reader,  what we need to know about the diseases most likely to kill us (including Hypertension - Chapter 7) and how to manage or avoid them. 

He has a great sense of humour, and does not "lecture" his readers, recognising that we are all human, and that there are limits to what we can achieve with lifestyle modification.

I thoroughly recommend it - either to be read through, or to dip in to for areas of interest to you. Read it, it might save your life.

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