Hypertension Clinic

Walter van der Merwe, Hypertension Specialist

Please consider referring these people to me

Doctors - do you have patients whose blood pressure you just can't get under control, or who have multiple drug intolerances, or in whom you are concerned about possible secondary causes?

 Patients - do you have high blood pressure which is difficult for your doctor to control or other concerns about diagnosis and management of your blood pressure? Please discuss with your family doctor whether referral to my clinic would be appropriate

Purpose of the Website?

(1)   To advertise my clinics

(2)   To make some basic information on hypertension available to GP's and patients. The "Management Tips and Topical Comments" are primarily aimed at GP's. From May 2009 to July 2010 I updated  on a monthly basis, but since then due to pressure of work I  now to add new items occasionally. (For "Tips and "Comments" click on the "Management tips for GP's and Topical Comments " page).

My latest "Tip" (April 2020) concerns important new information on blood pressure targets in people over 75 years of age.

(3)   A point of contact for anyone else in NZ interested in hypertension, and to stimulate interest in and debate around the topic of hypertension - I would be delighted to hear from you! 


Everything that appears on the website is solely my opinion. The content of "Management tips to GP's" and "Newsletter-Comments" represent my own interpretation of the current evidence, which in some instances differs from current New Zealand opinion and practice.

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